Board of Trustees

 Board of Trustees

My dear brothers and sisters, the universitys distinguished members ...
Dear students and children ... ...
>  May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you ...
It is a matter of pride and pride that I take over the presidency of the Board of Trustees at the University of Civilization, which, in order to create it, has combined the efforts of a distinguished group of distinguished professors in various disciplines, with a selection of distinguished professors in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to start with Gods blessing and with the success of God Almighty working to serve Yemen and its people, and we contribute with the sons of this dear country in building, reviving, developing, advancing and upgrading its affairs among nations, by working to prepare qualified staff capable of serving Yemen, and we have set our sights, and we are taking the first step in the University of Civilization, to make this university a monument From Sorouh Al-Ol And knowledge to contribute with its sisters, public and private universities in raising the level of higher education in Yemen. In the name of the university, its professors and all its employees, I welcome our dear students the most welcome and highly appreciative of them for their choice to study at the University of Civilization, bearing in mind our work in a spirit of responsibility, sincerity and dedication to provide all that is New references and vocabulary for scientific development and training for the best specialized professors with proven experience and high competence.
   Here, I would like to remind our dear students of the necessity of diligence, diligence, diligence and perseverance to obtain knowledge in a manner consistent with the goals and aspirations of the university that its students be among the best university students in terms of scientific level that is in line with the goals of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in creating a conscious generation that contributes to building Yemen achieves its goals and aspirations for economic, social and cultural development and elevates it to the ranks of developed countries    I also invite my student children to demonstrate the highest moral values ​​and ideals in their behavior inside and outside the university and in their relations with their distinguished professors and fellow students in a manner consistent with our ancient Arab traditions and our original culture and in harmony with the teachings of our true religion, which calls for familiarity, love, synergy and cooperation.
We strive to achieve a number of goals, including the following:
1. Working to develop higher education institutions in the Arab world in coordination with the Federation of Arab Universities and building closer ties with distinguished international universities.
2. Supporting and encouraging scientific research in all branches of science and knowledge by building closer ties with universities and scientific research centers in the world.
3. Caring for scientists and creators and encouraging them to research and development, as well as caring for the first and distinguished students, embracing them scientifically, and providing the best they can for them in a manner consistent with the goals of the institution.
4. Embrace patents and their patents, and work to implement them in practice.
5. Care and encouragement of distinguished students to complete their graduate studies in various medical, engineering and humanities.
6. Providing scholarships and scholarships for outstanding students.
7. Holding scientific conferences, seminars and workshops in order to encourage research and development in all branches of science and knowledge.
8. Opening training courses for doctors, dentists, pharmacists, medical professionals, and all scientific, humanitarian, and other specialties in order to keep abreast of the latest scientific developments and innovations in the best hospitals and countries.
9. Encourage authorship, translation and publication in all branches of science and knowledge in a way that contributes to the service of society and its development.
10. Holding conferences, festivals and seminars to enhance the partnership between the university and other educational and scientific institutions in the field of community service, especially in the field of higher education and scientific research.
11. Supporting cultural, youth and sports centers and all social activities in line with the universitys goals.
In conclusion, I wish everyone success and success

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