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Dean of the College :

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
      First of all, I welcome everyone on the website of the University of Civilization, which will be the gateway to a greater horizon, and I welcome, and it will represent the great link between the university, its cadres, students, and their families, and I feel completely happy for what I feel from the awareness of the University of Civilization and its leadership of the importance of its academic and academic mission and its role in community service.
       Civilization University is one of the most promising universities in our beloved Yemen, which has launched its presence in the world of higher education in Yemen since 2012, with its main branch in Aden and then the other branch in Sanaa, before the conditions of war compel us to suspend studies in Aden and the banner of civilization continues to throbbing and flying in the sky The capital, Sanaa, with four colleges: The College of Medical Sciences with its departments of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Laboratories, and Colleges of Engineering, Humanities and Administrative Sciences in its various departments, and awaiting the new baby human medicine very soon, God willing, after completing all the scientific and legal procedures and procedures pointing Ha, and this is what distinguishes the University of Civilization that it cannot begin any step before it is fully prepared to ensure that what appears to light must be born a successful, comprehensive and integrated entity, and not be born deficient, distorted and away from efficiency.    
       The university, with its leaders and academic and administrative staff, is spared no effort to reach the university to the highest levels academically, administratively and research, and this is clearly evident in the accelerated steps of a full update of the curricula and the teaching staff and electronic systems and the establishment of the Civilization Journal for Humanitarian and Applied Research and also the movement towards establishing new laboratories, halls and clinics in the nearest time.  
        Personally, as dean of the College of Medical Sciences and head of the dental department at the university, I will spare no time or effort, God willing, to reach the college to the highest levels, and to match the best colleges locally in the way of reaching competition Arab and regional, God willing, and we have many plans and steps nearby, God willing, to achieve all These goals and hopes, despite the tragic circumstances the country is going through, which, God willing, will not be an obstacle in stopping the civilization train towards development, modernization and prosperity. All the friendliness and appreciation of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Abdul Hamid and Al-Saadoun, the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Saad Al-Atabi, and the President of the University, Dr. Ali Qassem, for their constant and continuous support and their constant quest towards developing and improving the university and raising its educational and academic level.

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